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The crew that came was very professional, courteous, took the time to explain exactly what they did and what they found, were on time, were careful when in our home and cottage, and prepared two detailed reports with excellent photos. I give them a two thumbs up!

Tim Manzagol

Burn Your Wood More Efficiently

So, you love burning wood…what can beat the ambiance of wood logs crackling in a cozy fireplace? But how can you burn your fuel more efficiently?

  • Ensure that your firewood is properly seasoned.
  • Burn hardwoods – like oak, maple, and hickory.
  • Stack your firewood loosely to allow air circulation.
  • Make sure your fireplace is properly sealed.
  • Invest in professional chimney inspections and sweepings.
  • Pay attention to your fire and adjust the airflow as needed.
  • Avoid overloading the fireplace or stove with too much wood.





Why Ventis Products Are the Right Choice

Whether you prioritize heat output, design and style, luxury, affordability, or environmental responsibility, no worries – Ventis fireplaces cater to all these preferences. Their products all have a focus on burning cleaner, boosting aesthetic appeal, and ensuring heightened efficiency, guaranteeing you the best fireplace experience possible. If you are looking for the classic ambiance of a traditional fireplace – only with superior heat output – Ventis is the right choice.

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