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As we settle into a new season with longer days and warmer weather, most will start thinking of how they could best change up their home maintenance routine. In the winter, it’s all about shoveling driveways, de-icing sidewalks, and avoiding frozen pipes, but come spring, things shift more into gardening, lawn care, and freshening up your home’s exterior.

Unfortunately, the chimney tends to get knocked off the list once the snow melts and fireplace usage goes down. Many opt to put off any necessary maintenance until fall, but this isn’t actually the most practical route to take in terms of convenience or money savings.

Long story short – chimney care should be a year-round practice! And now is the ideal time to invest in necessary repairs, leak prevention services, and – you guessed it – chimney waterproofing.

What types of damage does water cause?

Why is waterproofing so important? Well, without it, your masonry will simply soak in all of the moisture it’s exposed to. Bricks are really absorbent, and the more water they take in, the more various other parts of your chimney will break down and deteriorate.

Chimney Waterproofing - Grand Junction CO - The Chimney Doctor waterAnother issue we face here in the Grand Junction area is the freeze/thaw cycle. This is when that pre-absorbed moisture freezes, expands, and pushes on your brickwork causing all kinds of cracking throughout. The more cracking that occurs, the more water that can enter down the line, and if you face multiple freeze cycles in one season, you’re looking at a lot of extra damage by the end of it.

In addition to this, water invites a whole slew of other issues like rusting, wood rot, clogs in your flue, firebox damage, liner deterioration, musty/foul odors, and more. There’s a reason the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has deemed water chimney’s number one enemy!

In the end, doing everything you can to protect your system will ensure heightened efficiency, save you money on repair work, and create a safer environment for your home and family. Well worth it, if you ask us.

If there’s no damage, do I still need waterproofing?

No damages to speak of throughout your chimney? That’s great news, and we’re guessing you’d like to keep it that way! Which is why waterproofing is still a must even if your chimney is in perfect condition. Without this service, you’re sure to face damage once your absorbent brickwork starts soaking in moisture.

Don’t let damages that could be avoided with some affordable waterproofing services turn into expensive and time-consuming repairs. Call us in now!

Should damages be addressed before waterproofing?

Damages should always be addressed before waterproofing products are applied, so be sure to schedule your chimney inspection before getting started to ensure nothing is missed. All too often, chimney issues are hidden away, so while you think everything looks fine, there could actually be damages putting you at risk every time you light a fire. That’s why it’s always recommended to invest in an inspection before every burning season.

Is springtime too early to schedule this maintenance?

Not at all! In fact, there are actually tons of benefits to scheduling chimney care on the earlier side. For one thing, it gives us ample time to get any repairs completed without having to take time away from your burning season. It’s also less busy in the spring and summer months, so scheduling is more convenient.

Chimney Waterproofing - Grand Junction CO - The Chimney Doctor socialAlong with this, both waterproofing and a multitude of other repairs and installation jobs will actually be more effective and last longer when done in warmer weather. Many of the materials we use need warmer temps to properly cure, and as far as waterproofing is concerned, the products are best applied when poor weather won’t compromise them and they have ample time to dry.

Finally, tackling these jobs early can save you money down the line. When it comes to your chimney, the longer you wait, the more extensive your damage will become, which means higher repair costs in the end.

I have a prefab system… Do I still need waterproofing?

Prefab systems don’t need waterproofing, but the chase still needs protection! You’ll want to make sure you have a quality chase-top flashing installed, which is the part that serves the purpose of the crown for prefabricated units. The models we install are durable and long-lasting, until the stock covers most systems come with (which tend to quickly rust and break down).

Not sure where your system stands? Call us in to look things over – we’d be happy to get you where you need to be.

How long does waterproofing last?

Now, waterproofing isn’t something you can do once and then cross off your list forever, but it is something you only need to think about every decade or so.

Yes, these products will lose their ability to protect your system eventually, but when professionally done, they should last a full 10 years. In fact, we use ChimneySaver which comes with a 10-year warranty when professionally applied! We’d say it’s well worth investing in… especially when you consider the cost of a full decade’s worth of chimney repairs.

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