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Need A New Chimney Cap, Custom Cap, Shroud, Or Chase-Top Flashing? We Carry & Install The Best!

What’s the most effective and affordable investment you can make into the longevity and protection of your chimney system? Invest in a high-quality chimney cap!

This critical component of the chimney system sits at the top of the chimney flue and provides these benefits:

  • shields it against the battering rain, snow, and sleet
  • prevents loose tree limbs, leaves, and other debris from entering the flue
  • keeps animals and birds from entering and nesting in the chimney
  • prevents stray sparks and hot ash from landing on nearby vegetation or on the roof

In our years of experience serving our neighbors in Grand Junction, Aspen, Delta, and the neighboring communities, we’ve seen a great deal of damage done  — from cracked and crumbling flue liners to rusted dampers and deteriorating fireboxes — damage that could have easily been prevented with a chimney cap.

What about your chimney? Is it protected by a quality cap, shroud, or chase-top flashing? If not, we can help. We’re proud to sell and install top-notch products from Olympia, Gelco, and Copperfield.

We Have A Chimney Cap For Every Occasion

Olympia Chimney Supply manufactures a large variety of chimney caps:

  • Top-mount multi-flue caps —Top-mount multi-flue caps are designed to cover more than one chimney flue and provide protection to portions of the chimney crown as well.
  • Top-mount multi-purpose caps — Top-mount multi-purpose caps are mounted to the inside of the flue tile, so if your flue tile doesn’t extend up past the crown, these multi-purpose caps can still be used to protect your chimney.
  • Single flue caps — Single flue caps are designed to affix to the top of the flue tile and cover a single flue, shielding it from water, animals, and debris.
  • Animal guards —Animal guards are screened covers specifically designed to keep animals out of the chimneys and vents and can be roof- or wall-mounted.
  • Vacu-Stack chimney caps — Vacu-Stack chimney caps are caps specifically designed to solve wind-related draft problems, so if you’re in a high wind area, a Vacu-Stack cap could be the solution.

Gelco was the first brand to craft caps from stainless steel, an incredibly strong, durable, and rust-resistant metal. But no matter which Gelco cap you choose, your Gelco cap will be cross-braced for added strength, and cap materials and workmanship will both be covered by a lifetime warranty.

Chase Top Flashing

Whether you’re looking for a cap to eliminate down draft problems that are the result of an insufficient chimney height or you want a cap that doesn’t have to be removed during a chimney cleaning, Gelco has it. Here you’ll find single flue, multi-flue, and specialty caps in stainless steel (for strength), galvanized steel (for affordability), or copper (for a more decorative look).

Decorative Shrouds Enhance The Curb Appeal & Protect The Flue & The Crown

Some homeowners want a cap that’s simple and discreet, but for other homes, a more decorative option that offers even greater protection makes sense. If you’re looking for something decorative in a specific style, let us know what you’re envisioning, and we’ll help you find it! We sell and install a large assortment of decorative shrouds, which work to cover both the flue and the chimney crown, and can really make a statement.

Protect Your Prefab Chimney With A Chase-Top Flashing

Prefabricated or factory-built chimneys need protection, too — and we’ve got you covered. We sell and install high-quality chase-top flashings, which are metal coverings that serve the same purpose as a masonry chimney crown. The chase-top flashings we sell are designed to resist sagging and to protect your prefab chimney against leaks. They’re stronger, more durable, and better made than most stock chase-tops, so you can expect better protection and a perfect fit.

Keeping your chimney free of water, animals, and debris can be easy, attractive, and affordable with our selection of high-quality caps, shrouds, and chase tops. Just let us know what you’re looking for and our expert installers will provide a perfect fit that perfectly protects. Call 970-234-3330 or request an appointment online to get started!


Talk to us about installing a new top-mounted damper on your chimney to improve air flow while keeping animals and unwanted water and debris out.

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