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Keep Chimney Leaks In The Past & Out Of The Future With Professional Waterproofing

If you’ve ever had a chimney leak, you know how costly, frustrating, and damaging they can be. But even if you’ve never had one, you know one thing: you don’t want one. Water can rapidly destroy even the strongest chimney, resulting in the need for costly repairs or, in some cases, a full rebuild. But what can you do to protect your chimney against damage, aside from scheduling annual chimney inspections and making sure your chimney is fitted with a quality chimney cap? We’re glad you asked…

As chimney professionals, we’ve seen first-hand just how destructive chimney leaks can be, and one of our main goals is to provide our neighbors in Grand Junction and beyond with the defenses you need to keep your chimneys free of leaks and water damage. That’s why we apply professional-grade waterproofing products that are specifically designed to keep water out of the chimney and protect it against water damage.

For waterproofing the masonry of the chimney itself, the best waterproofing product out there is ChimneySaver. What makes ChimneySaver the best chimney waterproofing product?

  • It’s 100% vapor-permeable — Water vapor is produced by the fire in your fireplace, and unfortunately, many waterproofing products actually slow the passage of water vapor as it travels through the brick, which can lead to more masonry damage — but that’s not a concern with ChimneySaver. Once applied, this 100% vapor-permeable product will allow vapor molecules (which are small) to easily and quickly exit the masonry, while keeping the larger water molecules from rain, snow, and sleet out.
  • It’s clear & non-glossy — This water repellent is clear, non-glossy, and unlike sealers and silicone-based waterproofing products, ChimneySaver is absorbed into your masonry. This means you get water protection, without changing the appearance of your chimney.
  • It offers 10 years of protection — When you invest in chimney waterproofing, part of the benefit is that you can put water worries to rest. With ChimneySaver, you can put them to rest for a full decade, because when professionally applied, this product carries a 10-year warranty.
  • It protects against more than just the destructive freeze/thaw cycle — Masonry water damage can show up in several ways. You may notice popping, cracking, or spalling brick and mortar joints, efflorescence (white deposits), discoloration and staining, or mildew and fungus growth — but ChimneySaver protects you against all of it.
Chimney Waterproofing

Water Protection Is Only A Phone Call Away

Are you worried about chimney leaks and deterioration? You don’t have to hope for the best, you can waterproof with the best! Call The Chimney Doctor at 970-234-3330 or reach out to us here on our website to schedule your chimney waterproofing service today. We’ll make any needed repairs and apply ChimneySaver for a decade of leak protection!

Don’t forget about your chimney crown and flashing — we waterproof those vulnerable areas as well!


When we do a chimney leak investigation, we may discover that your chimney system requires a crown repair or rebuild to fix the problem. If so, we’ve got you covered.

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