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For Fast, Professional, Long-Lasting Chimney Repairs, Call The Chimney Doctor

Here at The Chimney Doctor, it is our mission to provide quality service and peace of mind to our customers throughout Grand Junction and the neighboring communities. We do this by providing premier chimney services and comprehensive repairs, so that our neighbors never have to worry about how safe, attractive, or durable their chimney systems are. Our chimney repair specialties include all of these:

Chimney Relining

A deteriorating or missing chimney liner can be a big problem, but our solutions are designed to take the stress and mess out of the situation. Our HeatShield® Factory-Trained & Certified Installers and Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney sweeps can do the following:

We’ll carefully evaluate your situation, discuss your budget and heating needs, and help you determine which solution will best meet your chimney lining needs. With our team, you have years of knowledge and experience at your disposal! Is it time to reline your chimney? Read more about the signs and solutions here.

Masonry Repairs

Brick and mortar are made to last, but sometimes masonry still needs care and repair — and we can help. Our techs specialize in all of these procedures:

Chimney Repairs

Whether you’ve noticed gaps, holes, or cracks in the mortar joints on your chimney or fireplace; your firebox’s refractory panels are in bad shape; your smoke chamber is damaged and unsafe; or your chimney needs extensive repair, historic restoration, or an extension, our team guarantees beautiful, professional, long-lasting work.

Ahren-Fire Fireplace Restoration

Your masonry fireplace should bring you years of warmth and enjoyment, but when there are performance problems, smoke and draft issues, or safety code problems related to system design, it can be unsafe and impossible to enjoy a night by the fire. But we may be able to help by installing Ahren-Fire, an all-in-one fireplace restoration system. This system can do the following:

  • bring fireplaces up to code
  • eliminate clearance from combustible concerns and flue sizing issues
  • resolve problems with the smoke chamber and firebox
  • enable you to get more heat from your fireplace
  • eliminate creosote problems
  • resolve smoke and draft problems
  • help you enjoy longer, hotter fires, using less fuel

And the best part is, installation is quick and the system won’t alter the look of your fireplace or chimney. Learn more about Ahren-Fire here.

repairing shingles on rooftop

Chimney Leak Investigation & Repair

Chimney leaks are a major concern because damage and the costs to repair that damage can quickly add up. As leak investigation and repair experts with years of experience, we know how crucial it is that water entry points be identified and repaired quickly, and we work hard to resolve leak issues fast. Is your chimney leaking? Our chimney leak repair specialties include all of these:

We have the tools, products, and expertise to put a stop to chimney leaks and safeguard your chimney against future water problems, so you can put leak-related anxieties to rest. Find out more here.

Pipe Replacement

We also don’t just repair chimneys! If you have a stove pipe in need of repairs, you can count on our experienced professionals to have your new stove pipe installed with safety and comfort in mind. There can be several reasons why a stove pipe might need to be replaced:

  • Old age
  • Deterioration
  • Irreparable deficiencies

If your old pipe system needs to be replaced, we will remove it and install a new system that will meet or exceed safety standards, so you can feel at ease knowing your home and family are safe.

Whatever Ails Your Chimney, The Chimney Doctor Can Help

Whatever issues you may be having with your chimney system, know that The Chimney Doctor’s team of responsive, experienced, and certified chimney professionals can help. We’re committed to providing dependable, detailed, and helpful service that makes it easy to get the most from your chimney system and enjoy it for years to come. Call 970-234-3330 or use our online scheduling form to request an appointment today!


Our chimney, fireplace and stove cleaning services simply can’t be beat, so find out more today about this and all of our chimney and fireplace services.

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