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We Proudly Sell & Install The Best Dryer Venting & Termination Products

We all want our clothes dryers to work hard, save energy and time, and safely dry our clothes. But without the proper venting and termination, dryers can be forced to work harder, run longer, and work with unsafe amounts of lint blocking the vent.

Here at The Chimney Doctor, your safety and satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we proudly offer the best dryer venting and termination products in the industry. Each product has been carefully selected for its durability, efficiency, and safety, so you rest easy and enjoy a safer, quicker clothes drying experience, week after week, year after year.

Enjoy A Safer Home With Our Efficient & Code Compliant Transition Hoses, Dryer Elbows & Dryer Boxes

Dryer-EllDryer-Ell Elbow Image - The Chimney Doctor

Long running dryer ducts can decrease efficiency, increase lint buildup, and lead to safety concerns that home inspectors aren’t too thrilled with, especially if multiple elbows, twists, and turns are present in the path. In fact, anytime normal elbows are used, they decrese the maximum overall permissible run length! The allowed length for a safe dryer vent should be no more than 25 feet. Every 90-degree elbow is equivalent to adding 5 feet to the overall length of vent, and every 45-degree elbow adds 2.5 feet. But with Dryer-Ell 10” radius dryer elbows, it’s easy to maintain excellent airflow, no matter how long the dryer vent run may be. In fact, Dryer-Ell elbows do not decrease overall run length like normal elbows do, which permits longer run lengths if they are required. Dryer-Ell elbows are also UL tested and proven to provide 5x the airflow of sectioned elbows. Less friction, greater efficiency, what’s not to love?

Dryer Flex

Dryer Flex Image - The Chimney DoctorFor many years, foil transition hoses were used to connect dryers, and while the flexibility was nice, they weren’t exactly fire resistant or resistant to punctures and kinks. Now, thanks to Dryer Flex semi-rigid aluminum transition duct, you can enjoy the flexibility of foil, without sacrificing airflow efficiency or fire safety. These puncture and crush resistant, 100% aluminum transition hoses are stronger and better performing than the alternatives.

What can you expect from your Dryer Flex aluminum dryer duct?

  • Simple, fast installation
  • Kink/airflow blockage protection
  • UL tested flame resistance (keeping fires contained, should they occur)
  • High airflow efficiency levels that save time and energy


Having a mess of dryer vent ductwork behind your clothes dryer can be unattractive and can take up precious space in your laundry area. Not only that, but having your venting crammed in that space could decrease dryer efficiency and increase lint buildup and fire hazards. What if you could install your clothes dryer directly up against the wall, without worrying about crushing your venting or increasing safety hazards? With the Dryerbox, you can.Dryer Box - The Chimney Doctor

This exhaust receptacle is installed in the wall behind the dryer to house the exhaust hose. This allows you to put your dryer right up against the wall, without worrying about negatively impacting airflow or damaging, crushing, or kinking your hose. With the Dryerbox, you can enjoy:

  • Space savings
  • Energy savings
  • Reduced fire hazards
  • Reduced lint accumulation
  • Increased airflow


Reduce Lint Buildup & Prevent Airflow & Animal Problems With Our Top-Of-The-Line Termination Caps

Did you know that most caps and vent termination tops actually limit air flow dramatically, which:

  • causes your clothes dryer to work harder, longer, and at hotter temperatures
  • and leads to the accumulation and buildup of even more lint in your vents?

Not so with our caps! In fact, when you replace your termination cap with one of ours, you’ll enjoy vastly improved dryer function and lint buildup reduction. Not only that, but our caps also work to keep birds, squirrels, and rodents out of your vent. Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

The Defender

Do squirrels and birds keep nesting in your dryer vents? The Defender premium vent cover can put a stop to it. These zinc coated steel covers feature vertical bars that allow the dryer to achieve adequate airflow, while keeping critters out. They’re available in three different sizes for a perfect fit and they’re easy to remove and clean. What makes the American-made Defender such a great investment?The Defender Image - The Chimney Doctor

  • It protects against water and weather damage
  • It tells birds and squirrels to move along
  • It makes your home more aesthetically pleasing by covering unattractive vents
  • It’s powder coated and can be installed on all types of siding



One of the biggest culprits behind lint accumulation in dryer vents is the long, winding duct run that many vents have in newer homes. Venting your clothes dryer through the roof can reduce the distance your dryer vents have to travel to the outside termination, while still ensuring that airflow is sufficient — but only if you have the right end cap.

We’re proud to offer the DryerJack 466, which is a low profile efficiency cap that’s made from 26 gauge Galvalume. This cap is designed to vent the dryer through the roof, while maintaining a low profile. For high profile needs (areas of the roof that receive heavy snowfall), we offer the DryerJack 486. This model is also made to be highly efficient, but provides greater above roof clearance than the 466.

Dryer Jack Image 2 - The Chimney DoctorWhat makes American-made DryerJack caps so great?

  • They keep birds and rodents out of your home
  • They maximize airflow for greater efficiency and dryer function
  • They can lengthen the lifespan of your dryer, shorten dry cycles, and save time and energy
  • They provide protection against water entry
  • They’re easy to install and clean
  • They meet or exceed code requirements


Dryer Wall Vent

Are you searching for a low profile dryer vent termination for venting through walls? You’ll love the high-performing Dryer Wall Vent. This attractive 26 gauge galvanized and powder coated steel vent termination sits flush with the wall and can be quickly installed so you can immediately start enjoying the energy savings and enhanced dryer performance it provides.Dryer Wall Vent Image - The Chimney Doctor

Why do homeowners love it?

  • It features magnets which prevent birds and rodents from entering the dryer vent
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It exceeds code requirements
  • It reduces dry time and energy bills and can prolong the service life of your clothes dryer
  • It quietly opens and closes
  • It’s discreet and available in white, tan, and brown, to seamlessly match your home’s exterior

If you’d like to learn more about any of the dryer venting and termination products we sell and install and how they can increase safety and energy savings in your home, call The Chimney Doctor at 970-234-3330. We’re here to help!

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