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HeatShield® — A Revolutionary System That Can Restore Your Clay Tile Liner

When you find out your clay tile chimney liner is damaged and unsafe for use until repairs are made, it’s natural to feel a bit panicked and start seeing dollar signs. In the past, the solution to clay tile liner damage was costly, time-consuming, and messy, and required the removal of the existing liner. Not exactly a great scenario! But if you’ve been told that your chimney liner needs repair or that your chimney was built without a liner, give the HeatShield® factory-trained and certified team at The Chimney Doctor a call — and ask about HeatShield®!

What Is HeatShield®?

At the heart of the HeatShield® system is a Cerfractory Flue Sealant, which is a material that is environmentally friendly, made of recycled and naturally occurring materials, UL listed to UL 1777 as approved for all fuels, and able to take temperatures exceeding 2900 degrees F.

This revolutionary system makes it possible to repair and restore tile liners that, in the past, would have been deemed beyond help, or would have required the removal of tiles or specific areas of the chimney. And here at The Chimney Doctor, we specialize in all three applications, so no matter how extensive the damage is, you’ve got options.

Option 1: Joint Repair System

The joints of the chimney liner are the refractory mortar areas between the clay tiles — the joints that hold the liner together. When these joints crack, develop holes, or leave a gap or void between the tiles, that’s when you have unsafe chimney conditions. These spaces can allow heat, ash, and embers to come into contact with nearby framing and other combustibles. They can also allow the transfer of smoke and dangerous gases, like carbon monoxide. But the HeatShield® joint repair system resolves that problem. Here’s how it works:

First, we create a specialized applicator blade that’s custom-fitted to your chimney. Next, we place the blade just below the joint in need of repair, and add the HeatShield® Cerfractory Flue Sealant to the area. The blade then pushes the product into the void or gap, filling the space and leaving a smooth, clean, gap- and void-free surface.

Heatshield Joint Repair System

Option 2: Resurfacing System

When flue damage is a bit more widespread and cracks, holes, gaps, and voids are present throughout your flue, we may opt to resurface and seal the entire flue using the HeatShield® resurfacing system. Here’s how it works:

We start by creating a custom-fitted applicator plug just for your chimney. Using this plug, we apply a “tie coat” to the flue liner walls. This tie coat is designed to remove any remaining dust and make sure the flue walls are prepped and ready for the Cerfractory Flue Sealant. Once the prep coat dries, the applicator plug is pulled up into the flue, applying a 1/4 inch layer of Cerfractory Flue Sealant as it goes. The result of this “slip casting” is a completely restored flue liner.

Heatshield Resurfacing System

Option 3: CeCure® Sleeve Relining System

When a chimney is completely unlined or has even more extensive damage, the safest option may be to use the CeCure® sleeve relining system.

Once again, we pull a custom-fitted foam applicator up through the flue to apply a layer of the HeatShield® Cerfractory Flue Sealant. Next, we take a CeCure® Sleeve — which is a ceramic and stainless steel liner sleeve that’s custom-fitted to your chimney — and install it in the flue. The same applicator plug is now used to press the sleeve into the sealant on the flue walls, and the sleeve is secured into place.

Finally, another layer of HeatShield® Cerfractory Flue Sealant is applied, this time on the inside of the CeCure® Sleeve, and the result is: an insulated, reinforced, and totally restored chimney.

No matter which option we use, our technicians will use video inspection equipment to capture before and after footage, so you can see the difference the system has made to your chimney flue. All three options are also covered by a 20-year material warranty, so you can be confident your newly restored liner will last.

Heatshield CeCure Sleeve Relining System

Interested In Learning More? Give Us A Call!

Would you like to learn more about HeatShield® or talk with one of our experienced advisors about whether or not it’s right for your situation? Give us a call at 970-234-3330 or fill out our online appointment request form. We’d love to talk with you about your options and help you determine which is right for your home!


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