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From Minor To Major — We Specialize In Masonry Repairs

As a homeowner, you want to do everything possible to protect your investment and keep your home in great condition, year after year — and The Chimney Doctor can help. Our team has extensive experience repairing and restoring masonry chimneys and fireplaces, and we’re confident we can restore your system for safe, continued use. These are some of our specialties:

Masonry Repair
Masonry Repair
  • Brick Repointing/Tuckpointing — When the mortar joints between the bricks of your chimney or fireplace start to deteriorate, gap, or crack, or when bees or other insects bore holes in them, this can put pressure on the surrounding brick, allow water to enter, and lead to structural problems, chimney leaks, and more damage. Have you noticed damaged mortar joints on your chimney or fireplace? The faster you make repairs, the better, because cracks, holes, and gaps will only worsen with time and exposure to the elements. But no matter how bad your mortar joints are, we can repair them by removing the existing mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar that’s matched to your chimney in color and composition.
  • Firebox Repairs — The firebox is the area of the fireplace that holds the logs and the fire, which is why it’s so important that the firebox remain free of cracks, holes, and other types of damage. Is your firebox in tip-top shape or is it time to make some repairs? Our team is experienced in mortar joint repair, firebrick replacement, and refractory panel replacement, so whether you need minor repairs or an entire firebox rebuild, we’re the only company you need to call.
  • Smoke Chamber Parging & Repair — The smoke chamber is responsible for funneling the smoke and byproducts of the fire up into the chimney flue so they can exit your home. But a damaged or corbelled smoke chamber won’t work as effectively and as efficiently as it should, resulting in smoke problems and safety hazards. Is your smoke chamber damaged? From creosote removal and crack repair to smoke chamber reshaping, we can restore your smoke chamber so you can enjoy a safer, more pleasant fireside experience.
  • Chimney Rebuilds, Restorations & Extensions — Is your chimney beyond repair? Was it poorly built or built too short to achieve proper draft? Do you have an historic chimney that’s in need of restoration? Whatever the issue, our masonry experts can help. From finding the perfect brick to match in your historic chimney restoration to making a seamless extension, our team will provide detail-oriented, high-quality, long-lasting, and beautiful work — guaranteed.

With The Chimney Doctor, You Can Expect Masterful Results

While there may be some home repairs you can make yourself, leave your masonry work to those with the proper knowledge, expertise, tools, and safety equipment to do the job right.

We’re certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), and we have committed years and years to learning everything we can about our industry and the services we provide. With The Chimney Doctor on the job, there’s no guesswork — only well-thought-out decisions, proven techniques, and masterful results. We also use safety equipment, like The Goat Steep Assist and Escalera stair climbing forklifts, so you can be confident we’ll get the job done safely.

Ready to get an estimate for your masonry work? Call The Chimney Doctor at 970-234-3330 or request an appointment right here through our website. We look forward to meeting the masonry repair and restoration needs of you and your family!


Installing the Ahren-Fire Fireplace Restoration System is a very popular choice for certain chimney repairs. Find out if this is a good option for your situation when you give us a call.

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