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We Strengthen & Restore Grand Junction’s Chimneys With Expert Brick Repointing & Tuckpointing Services

Your brick chimney can enhance the curb appeal of your home and provide years of service —but as durable and strong as it is, like any other area of your home, your chimney may need some care and repair from time to time. The most common type of repair needed by brick chimneys here in Grand Junction and the neighboring communities is what is known as tuckpointing or repointing.

Tuckpointing or repointing involves these steps:

  • the removal of the mortar in the joints between the brick and
  • the careful packing of new mortar in these joints.

The job requires care, focus, and the right equipment and techniques to ensure that the damaged mortar is safely removed, without damaging the surrounding brick or other mortar joints.

Additionally, quality repointing work requires extensive knowledge of the history of masonry and mortar composition in our area. The brick and mortar of historic homes differs from modern brick and mortar in terms of hardness, rigidness, and water-permeability, and if work is done without taking the original structure’s composition into consideration, the chimney could end up worse off than before repairs.

In other words, to protect your chimney against further damage, repointing work should be done by an experienced and certified chimney professional.

Masonry Repointing

When Is Tuckpointing Needed?

The purpose of tuckpointing and repointing is to repair, restore, and strengthen the mortar joints between the brick when damage is present as a result of these culprits:

  • Water & Weather — Because brick and mortar are porous by nature, moisture from rain, snow, and sleet is absorbed by a masonry chimney. Unfortunately, as the chimney heats and cools and temperatures shift, any absorbed moisture will freeze and thaw, causing the brick and mortar to implode or collapse in on itself. This process, known as the freeze/thaw process, can also lead to spalling, crumbling, cracking, or popping brick and mortar joints. The result of this type of damage is a less attractive chimney, a weaker chimney, and one that is more prone to further water damage, chimney leaks, and possibly even collapse.
  • Insects — Bees and other insects can damage mortar joints by boring into them. Not only can these holes make the chimney unattractive, but they can also compromise the structural integrity of the chimney, and leave it prone to water damage and leaks.
  • Age — Age is another big contributor to chimney damage. Over time, the chimney can develop cracks and holes due to house settling, strong winds and storms, earthquakes, and moisture, especially if the chimney is not regularly cared for. If repairs are not made as damage occurs, cracks and holes will only grow, and allow further damage to develop.
  • Improper Original Point Work/Repair — When properly constructed and well-maintained, a brick chimney can last for decades upon decades. But what happens when the original pointing work was done poorly or bad repairs were made? In many situations, tuckpointing and repair work can look sloppy and inconsistent, especially if the work was done by unskilled and inexperienced people who lack proper knowledge of the original materials used. But poorly done work can also result in more frequent need for repairs and ongoing problems with chimney leaks.

Because the chimney’s safety, appearance, and structural integrity rely so heavily on the strength and condition of the mortar joints, it’s imperative that tuckpointing and repointing work be done as soon as damage is spotted. We also recommend that you invest in chimney waterproofing, which will prevent the freeze/thaw process from occurring and causing damage to your chimney in the future.

Our Dependable & Hard-Working Chimney Experts Can Help Keep Your Chimney Strong & Beautiful — Call Today!

Whether you’ve seen small cracks in your mortar joints or you’ve noticed bigger gaps and more extensive damage, call The Chimney Doctor at 970-234-3330. Our team is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and we have the experience, knowledge, tools, and techniques to restore your mortar joints and strengthen your chimney. And with our team on the job, you can be confident the finished product will be a stronger, longer-lasting, more beautiful chimney.

Call or request an appointment right here on our website today and give your chimney the protection and TLC it needs to serve you and your family for years to come!


One of the masonry repairs we are often asked to do is repairs to your firebox to fix such problems as gaps and cracks and restore it to a fresh, clean appearance.

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