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Energy-Saving Top-Mounted Dampers — A Cap & Damper In One

Smoke problems, down drafts, and fireplace performance problems can sometimes be traced back to one thing: a broken or ineffective damper. If you can’t open the damper before a fire or you can’t close it after a fire, problems are inevitable.

  • If you can’t open the damper, your fireplace won’t be able to get enough air to keep a sustainable and hot fire going, and your chimney won’t be able to effectively remove the smoke and byproducts produced. That means a poorly performing appliance, a smoky fireside experience, and more creosote buildup.
  • If you can’t close the damper when the fireplace isn’t in use, there’ll be nothing to keep outside air from entering your home through the chimney and cooled/heated inside air from exiting through the chimney. That means uncomfortable home temperatures and wasted money spent on heating and cooling the home.

So what’s the solution? Another throat damper, which only provides a metal-on-metal seal, and is prone to rust and damage? There has to be a better option.

Lyemance & Lock-Top Top-Mounted Dampers — The Better Alternative To Throat Dampers

Lyemance and Lock-Top dampers are energy-saving dampers that are installed at the top of the chimney flue, like a chimney cap, rather than down in the throat of the chimney system. They’re ideal for anyone who is looking for added protection against water damage, animal intruders, down drafts, and conditioned air loss, and anyone with a broken or rusted out throat damper.

Lyemance Energy-Saving Dampers

Lyemance top-mounted dampers are low-profile dampers made with a silicone rubber gasket. Because of this rubber gasket seal, these dampers completely eliminate heat/air conditioning loss, downdrafts, rain leaks, and animal/bird entry. And even though they’re located all the way up at the top of the chimney, Lyemance energy-saving dampers are easy to open and close — you just use the handle, which is mounted inside of the firebox.

Top Mounted Damper

Homeowners who switch to a Lyemance energy-saving damper end up saving hundreds of dollars on energy bills each year, and since these dampers come with a lifetime warranty, that money adds up!

Lock-Top Energy-Saving Dampers

Lock-Top dampers are similar to Lyemance in that they’re mounted at the top of the chimney and provide an airtight rubber gasket seal, but they differ in their appearance. Lock-Top dampers actually pop up above the chimney when open, which helps maintain full flue size at the opening.

Like Lyemance dampers, these dampers provide an airtight seal, and completely eliminate heat/air conditioning loss, downdrafts, rain leaks, and animal/bird entry. Lock-Top dampers are also just as easy to use (just reach for the handle mounted inside of the firebox) and they carry a lifetime warranty.

Find Out If A Top-Mounted Damper Is Right For Your Home — Call The Chimney Doctor

If your damper is rusted, broken, or ineffective, or you’re just ready to stop paying more than you need to to heat and cool your home, give The Chimney Doctor a call at 970-234-3330 or fill out our online appointment request form right here on our website. We’d love to talk with you about the many benefits of investing in a top-mounted damper and help you determine whether or not it’s the right choice for your home. Give us a call today!


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