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Protect Your Home Against Devastating Leaks With Stainless Steel Washer Hoses & Leak Alerts

Most of us take our washers for granted even though these hard-working machines save us a significant amount of time and effort. But in some instances, our washers can become more of a nightmare than a blessing.

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Did you know that a single washing machine flood costs homeowners between $6k and $18k in repairs? That’s a lot of money and a lot of hassle, but it makes sense when you consider that a typical washer hose can pump 650 gallons of water into your home each and every hour.

Here at The Chimney Doctor, we want to make sure you continue to enjoy your washing machine, without worrying about things like leaks and costly water damage. That’s why we’re so very proud to sell and install durable, strong, professional grade washing machine connectors from Eastman®.

Unlike rubber hoses and non-stainless metal connectors, Eastman® washer hoses completely eliminate the possibility of hose bursts, rust, and deterioration. These stainless steel braid clothes washer hoses stand up to the wear, tear, and water, year after year, so you can continue to use your washer worry-free. With more than half of laundry room floods caused by supply hose failure, knowing you have a stainless steel connector that won’t let you down can provide real peace of mind.

What’s even better? Because these hoses connect at 90 degree angles, they save space in your laundry room, closet, basement, or wherever you may have your washing machine installed.

Know The Moment A Leak Occurs With The LintAlert PRO Plus Leak Sensor Add-On

We also proudly sell and install the leak sensor add-on, LintAlert PRO Plus which is a Wi-Fi enabled laundry room leak detector. A visual and audio alarm sounds the moment the device detects moisture in your laundry area so you can:Lint Alert Leak Alert Image - The Chimney Doctor

  • immediately act to protect your home against water damage
  • save yourself the hassle of clean up and filing claims with your insurance

What if you’re not home? What good is an audio/visual leak alarm if you’re not around to hear or see it? Don’t worry — you’ll also get a smart phone notification (either a text, email, or push alert) the moment a leak is detected.

Laundry Room Leak Prevention Is Simple & Affordable With The Chimney Doctor

If you’d like to have your washer hose replaced with one you can count on to prevent leaks, year after year, or you’re interested in having a leak sensor installed in your laundry area, give The Chimney Doctor a call at 970-234-3330. We provide expert installation and can make sure your laundry room, wallet, and peace of mind are safeguarded against leaks. Call or reach out to us here on our website today.

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