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With An Enervex Chimney Fan, You Can Kiss Smoke Problems & Draft Issues Goodbye

Is smoke a consistent problem in your home when you sit down to enjoy a fire in your fireplace? It may be that your chimney isn’t getting enough combustion or make-up air to achieve proper draft, so it’s unable to effectively pull smoke up and out of the home. But the good news is, an Enervex chimney fan can eliminate the problem so you can enjoy a pleasant fireside experience once more.

Chimney Fan
Chimney Fan

How Do Chimney Fans Work?

Chimney fans work by sucking the smoke up out of the chimney using a variable-speed motor. Like a traditional chimney cap, Enervex chimney fans are low-profile, installed at the top of the chimney, and designed to vent smoke sideways.

Why Do We Love Enervex Chimney Fans?

Here at The Chimney Doctor, we work hard to make sure each and every one of our customers enjoys their fireside experience — and smoke and draft problems can make that impossible. We know that Enervex chimney fans can eliminate these problems for our customers and take a look at these great benefits:

  • They work quietly
  • They’re available in a variety of sizes and can fit just about any chimney
  • They don’t cost much to operate
  • They’re covered by a 6-month Performance Guarantee
  • They can be used for gas-fired fireplaces and stoves

Ready for a quick and affordable solution to your smoke and draft problems? Call The Chimney Doctor and schedule an appointment to have an Enervex chimney fan installed on your chimney system. Our courteous and experienced chimney sweeps will have your new fan installed in no time. Call 970-234-3330 or fill out our online appointment request form today.


When it comes to keeping animals, birds and unwanted debris out of your chimney, consider having us install a chimney cap, custom chimney cap, shroud or chase-top flashing.

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