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We Offer Sweeping Services & Video Inspections for Commercial & Industrial Flues

The importance of regularly sweeping and inspecting chimney flues is something we promote strongly here at The Chimney Doctor. Why? Because it’s a vital part of keeping our customers safer, happier, and more comfortable year after year. If you’re a homeowner in the Grand Junction area, then you may have utilized our services in the past and hopefully had many safer, more enjoyable burning seasons because of it.

Well, if there’s one thing people know about us it’s that we always strive to offer more, which is why we’ve now become equipped to handle our customer’s commercial needs, as well. We are proud to offer both video inspections and sweeping services for commercial and industrial flues, ranging up to 36” in diameter.

When it comes to serving the needs of customers throughout the Grand Junction area, we really strive to do it all, so this is an exciting step for us and one we urge you to take advantage of. Learn more about what you can expect from our crew below.

What to Expect From Us

If you’re looking to hire our experienced team for your commercial needs, here’s what to expect. First off, any commercial or industrial inspection or sweeping will require a site visit prior to the service to provide an estimate of the work to be performed, and let you know about the access required to properly sweep or inspect your system. This gives us the opportunity to see what we’re working with, such as how easy the flues are to access and what kind of equipment will be required on our end to provide the necessary results.

Once our analysis is complete, we can offer you an estimate and answer any questions that may have come up for you along the way.

Now, when it comes to performing the inspection, we use high-tech video equipment to help ensure nothing is missed. If jobs like these are performed by someone who’s looking to cut corners or rush through it, vital sections could be overlooked, thus endangering your entire building.

industrial flue
Industrial Flue - Grand Junction - The Chimney Doctor

When working with industrial systems, there is a lot more ground to cover. Missing even the smallest defect or source of build-up can lead to major problems or chimney fires down the line. This not only costs you money, but it puts your staff, customers, and livelihood at risk, too!

Just like in your home, blockages in the flue can cause poisonous fumes to back up into the air you and others are breathing in every day. Build-up also increases the likelihood of fires occurring. It’s not worth taking any chances, especially when the lives and well being of your staff are at stake!

Reliable Until The Very End

All in all, what you can expect from us is reliability and high-quality care throughout our entire working relationship. We don’t fizzle out at the end of the job, and we don’t slack off because we know our customers deserve the very best. 

Our credentials include certifications with the National Fireplace Institute (NFI), Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), Certified Chimney Professional (CCP), and HeatShield®. We also hold memberships with the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). We guarantee that a CSIA-Certified Sweep will be on site in every job we take on, and our A+ rating with the BBB speaks for itself. When you depend on us, you can rest easier for the long haul!

Play it safe and do right by your business by relying on our qualified crew. Give us a call today at (970) 234-3330 to discuss appointment options. We’re excited to speak with you soon!


Commercial flue sweeping is one of many chimney & fireplace services that we offer. Have a boiler/furnace that needs cleaning? We can do that too.