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A Safer Home & Greater Peace Of Mind Is Possible With The LintAlert® Pro Plus


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Lint Alert App Image - The Chimney DoctorEvery year, the U.S. Fire Administration reports more than 2,900 home dryer vent fires. Many of these fires are caused by airflow restriction in the venting, which can be attributed to lint buildup, kinks in the dryer hose, animal/bird nests, and blocked hoods or termination caps. What if there was an easy way to know when your laundry was done and when airflow was restricted so you could keep your family safer and enjoy a more efficient clothes drying experience? With the LintAlert® Pro Plus, it’s possible.

This easily installed, Wi-Fi enabled monitor keeps an eye on your dryer exhaust system by monitoring the back pressure in the dryer’s exhaust duct. Its LED indicators let you know when lint buildup increases and airflow is restricted, and if safety is compromised, the LintAlert® alarm visually and audibly notifies you.

For everyday convenience, the LintAlert® Pro Plus will sent a notification to your phone so you know right when your laundry is done. That way, you won’t be waiting around and you’ll never have to run your dryer multiple times to get wrinkles out of clothes you forgot about.

The LintAlert® Pro Plus also features a leak sensor add on to alert you to water leaks in your laundry area. To learn more about the sensor and how it can protect you against costly and devastating washer leaks, click here.

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It’s time to bring your clothes dryer into the modern world so you can enjoy a safer, more energy efficient home. Call The Chimney Doctor at 970-234-3330 today and schedule an appointment to have your new LintAlert® Pro Plus installed today.

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