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Is Your Flashing Leaky, Damaged & In Need Of Repair? We Can Help

Have you spotted water stains and water damage on the ceiling or walls near your chimney? While it may look like a roof leak, there’s a good chance your chimney’s flashing is actually the culprit.

The flashing is the metal that’s layered at the base of your chimney and on the roof where your chimney exits. Flashing’s sole purpose is to prevent leaks in this area, but unfortunately, flashing can fail to keep water out, as a result of one or more of these conditions:

  • Water damage — Sometimes flashing is made of low-quality metal, which isn’t resistant to rusting and corrosion. If aluminum or another weaker metal is used instead of stainless steel or copper, water may rust through the flashing over time, causing a chimney leak.
  • Dents or lifted spots — The flashing at the base of your chimney and on your roof needs to be flat and smooth. But unfortunately, severe weather, strong winds, loose branches, and animals can cause dents or lift areas of the flashing. Dents cause the water to pool, increasing the chances that the flashing will rust through. The problem with lifted areas is that water can sneak down in between these areas and eventually get into the home.
  • Shabby installation — If the flashing isn’t installed properly, it doesn’t much matter how high-quality the material is, you’ll likely deal with leaks. Flashing should be layered strategically, smoothly, and with as few nail holes as possible so that it can effectively keep water out. If flashing is haphazardly installed, it’s not going to provide much protection.
  • New roof/roof repair— Did the leak show up after you had work done on your roof or your roof replaced? When a new roof is installed, even the best flashing work can be compromised, so it’s best to have your flashing inspected by a chimney professional after replacing your roof or having work done.
Flashing Repairs
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We Can Repair, Replace & Waterproof Your Flashing For Years Of Leak Protection!

With leaks, the sooner you take action, the better — so if you think you may have a flashing leak, give The Chimney Doctor a call. We’ll inspect your chimney and determine whether or not the flashing is to blame for your water problem. If your flashing needs to be repaired or totally replaced, you can count on us to do the job right the first time.

We also waterproof flashing using FlashSeal, a flexible waterproofing product that can keep water out of this area for a full 7 years — guaranteed. And because the product is available in black, white, and brown, protection can be inconspicuous and seamlessly blend with your roof or chimney.

Say goodbye to flashing leaks by having your flashing repaired or replaced and waterproofed today. Call 970-234-3330 or fill out our online appointment request form and our responsive and cheerful team will take care of you!


You might be surprised to know just how much a professional chimney waterproofing protects your chimney from leaks. Talk to one of our technicians for more information.

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