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Our CSIA-Certified Fireplace Experts

Will Install Your New Fireplace, Stove, Insert Or Gas Log Set Right

Are you shopping for a new fireplace, stove, insert, or gas log set? While we’re not stove dealers, we work hand in hand with local dealers, and encourage you to visit their showrooms when shopping for your new appliance.

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Why Do You Need To Schedule An Inspection Prior To Buying Your New Appliance?

When installing a new or upgraded appliance in an existing chimney system, our industry standards and the NFPA 211 (the Code Bible, when it comes to chimney and venting systems) require that a level II inspection be completed to make sure of these facts:

  • the chimney system meets the minimum standards for safe operation with the new appliance
  • the chimney system can contain the byproducts of combustion

An inspection can also alert you to any liner damage, chimney leaks, creosote buildup, and other issues that could compromise the safety and performance of your new appliance or cause damage to your new investment. So hire a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney sweep (like the sweeps at The Chimney Doctor) to complete an inspection prior to the installation of your new appliance. 

You Can Be Assured We’ll Install Your New Appliance Right

Once you find and purchase the perfect appliance for your home, leave the installation to us!

We can install all makes and models of wood fireplaces, wood stoves, wood inserts, pellet stoves and inserts, and gas fireplaces, stoves, inserts, and logs… as long as they suitable for installation into your home, fireplace, or chimney system. If you have already purchased an appliance from a dealer in your area we can arrange pickup with the dealer, pick up your new appliance at their showroom and bring it directly to your home on the day of installation.

We also reline chimneys, perform major and minor repairs on masonry chimneys, troubleshoot performance and smoke issues, and service, clean, inspect, and repair appliances of all types — so no matter what you need to get (and keep) your system working right, we can help.

Our Promise To You

Your safety is our #1 concern in all repair and installation work we perform.

  • We always consult and follow current local building codes and NFPA 211 guidelines.
  • When you entrust your chimney system to The Chimney Doctor, you are always guaranteed at least one CSIA-certified chimney sweep on site.
  • Our sweeps regularly take continuing education courses to make sure your new wood-, gas-, or pellet-burning appliance, and the chimney that vents it, meets the minimum standards for safe continued use.
  • We follow manufacturer’s instructions to a T, so you never have to worry about improper installation or voided warranties.

If you’re considering adding a new hearth appliance to your home, give The Chimney Doctor a call at 970-234-3330 and schedule an estimate and inspection with one of our experienced inspectors. Our timely and knowledgeable professionals will take great care of you and your hearth and provide you with everything you need to know before your purchase.

Already purchased? Leave the expert installation to us — call or fill out our online appointment request form today!


Our installation services crews are up to the challenge of doing stove pipe replacements on all types of stoves. Ask us about it.

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