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Keep Fire In Its Place With Professional Firebox Repairs

Your firebox —the area of the fireplace where the fire is built — should be made from refractory brick or paneling and refractory mortar, which are designed to handle the high temperatures and corrosive byproducts that the fire produces. But even when fireboxes are properly constructed of the right materials, they aren’t impervious to damage.

What Causes Firebox Damage?

Most commonly, fireboxes are damaged by three things: heat, moisture, and creosote.

  • Heat — Even when quality refractory materials are used to build the firebox, the firebox can deteriorate after years of exposure to the extreme heat of fire. Damage may start out as small cracks, but if not repaired, these cracks and gaps can grow and expand, seriously threatening the safety of the system.
  • Moisture — Moisture can make its way into your firebox as a result of a chimney leak, and if it does, you may notice water pooling or rust stains in your firebox. But moisture damage shows up in other ways as well — you may notice cracks, crumbling or deteriorating firebrick/refractory panels, and gaps or holes in the mortar joints of the firebox.
  • CreosoteCreosote is a byproduct of combustion that’s both highly flammable and extremely corrosive. If not promptly removed, this acidic buildup can eat away at the firebox, causing damage and increasing the risk of fire.
Firebox Repairs

Why Is A Damaged Firebox Dangerous?

The biggest threat that firebox damage poses is chimney fire. The purpose of the firebox is to contain the heat, floating ash, and hot embers of the fire, but if holes and cracks are present, these can transfer to nearby combustibles and framing, quickly sparking a house fire. These gaps and cracks can also allow smoke to billow into other areas of the house.

Because your firebox is one of the few areas of the chimney system that is easy to see with the naked eye, you may discover cracks and other concerns in your firebox before you even schedule a professional chimney inspection, but if you’re unsure, an inspection is a great way to find out the condition of your firebox.

During an inspection, our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified techs will look at your entire chimney system and check for damage, corrosion, blockages, and other concerns.

Can A Firebox Be Repaired?

If your firebox is damaged, don’t fret! Here at The Chimney Doctor, we specialize in repairing and restoring damaged fireboxes, and we’re just a phone call away. Here’s a sample of what our team can do:

  • repoint gapping, cracking, and deteriorating mortar joints with fresh, strong refractory mortar
  • replace refractory panels or firebrick

We can even rebuild the firebox, if needed, matching the style and brick pattern to your design taste and needs.

Is It Time To Have Your Firebox Repaired? Call The Chimney Doctor Today!

You may be ready to spend a relaxing evening by the fire, but is your firebox ready and able to keep that fire and the heat it produces in its place? Know for sure by scheduling an annual inspection with one of The Chimney Doctor’s CSIA-certified chimney inspectors. We’ll provide you with all of the relevant information you need to make the right decisions regarding the comfort and safety of your family, and let you know whether it’s time to give your firebox a little attention.

Give us a call today at 970-234-3330 or fill out our online appointment request form to schedule your appointment today, and experience the difference hiring a CSIA-certified chimney sweep can make!


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