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Did your annual inspection reveal issues with your chimney liner? Or, maybe your liner is missing altogether? Whatever the case, your sweep is telling you these issues need to be addressed before putting your fireplace to use. If you find yourself wondering how necessary this maintenance is, then we’re here to educate you on the importance of a chimney liner. This is one instance where skimping on care can lead to a lot of damage!

Increased Risk Of House Fires

a newly relined chimney A major threat of an unlined chimney is an increased risk of house fires. When your brickwork and mortar is exposed to the high temperatures of your fireplace, they break down quickly. Once gaps, holes, and cracking starts to occur, it won’t take long for that heat to reach nearby woodwork. Some tests have shown other parts of the home caught fire in only a matter of hours!

Should this occur, you’ll be looking at a lot of property damage, and the wellbeing of your family will be put at risk too. Why chance it? Invest in liner repairs or a new liner now, so you are all set when the burning season begins. We’re here to help.

The Threat Of Carbon Monoxide

Another serious risk that comes with an unlined structure is the threat of carbon monoxide exposure. If your structure breaks down, it will be easier than ever for this colorless, odorless, and highly poisonous gas to enter your home. This could lead to hospital visits, and in many cases, fatal accidents have occurred. This definitely isn’t something to mess around with.

Less Energy Savings

All risks aside, you lose a lot of energy when your structure is broken down. Even if you never put your fireplace to use, lining it can cover up holes or gaps that are present, ensuring your A/C stays in throughout the summer and cold air stays out during the winter. If you are looking for ways to save money month to month, this is one step that will pay itself in a hurry!

Are You Selling Your Home?

Selling a home with an unlined chimney can be a bit more challenging, as well, which is why we advise anyone looking to put their place on the market to invest in care now. The sooner you address it, the less damage you’ll face, and selling will be a whole lot easier too. Surveys show that many families include a fireplace on their wishlist and would even be willing to pay more for a home with one. A new liner can take you far when the time comes to sell.

Our Qualified Team Is Here For You

A job like this requires a team that truly know their stuff, which is why we urge you to trust in our CSIA certified professional for it all. Here at The Chimney Doctor, we’ve been serving the Grand Junction area for quite some time now, and our many positive reviews speak for themselves. If you’re ready to work with a team that always puts your safety first, then it’s time to call on us.