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Are your clothes taking an especially long time to dry? Have you been noticing excessive heat from your dryer? Is lint building up in and around the appliance? These are all signs that your dryer vents may need attention, and we urge you to depend on our certified team to help you out. When it comes to a job like this, you only want to work with the best, and we guarantee better results every single time!Why Hire A CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician Image - Grand Junction CO - The Chimney Doctor

What It Means To Be Certified

So, what exactly does it mean to be a CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician (C-DET)? Well, this verifies that the sweep has gone through all of the necessary steps to pass an extensive exam through the CSIA. You can rest easy because they’ll know everything there is to know about maintaining your appliance! Many of these sweeps undergo additional education, as well, where they engage in hands-on training.

There’s simply no doubt that when a CSIA certified dryer exhaust technician is on the job, you won’t have to worry about a thing. They’ll come in with the appropriate tools and equipment necessary for doing a thorough and in-depth job, and they’ll know just how to remove any clogs or buildup, without causing damage to your system.

The team at The Chimney Doctor takes prides in holding these credentials, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed when you count on our qualified crew. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve by giving us a call today!

Why Dirty Vents Are Dangerous

Clogged, dirty dryer vents pose threats to your home in more ways than one. First of all, they increase the risk of you and your loved ones inhaling dangerous fumes, such as carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is known for being especially dangerous due to its reputation for being fatal and its nearly undetectable nature. You won’t be able to smell it or see it, so many don’t realize its presence until it is too late.

This is a major reason why we stress the importance of investing in annual dryer vent cleanings! When your system is plugged up, venting out these necessary fumes becomes more and more challenging until, finally, they’re forced back into your home. By hiring our certified crew to check things over and by having carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout your home, you lower your risk of exposure significantly. They’re small actions that go a long ways!

Along with this, dirty vents increase your chances of experiencing a house fire. Dryers obviously need to produce a lot of heat to get laundry dry and ready to wear in under an hour, but this heat can’t be trapped in just one place. When clogs are present, the appliance overheats and you could easily become one of the thousands of homeowners that experience a dryer fire every single year.

It’s not worth putting your home and family at risk, and we guarantee that paying for a cleaning now is a lot more cost-effective than shelling out money for repair work down the line. Keep things clean, maintained, and ready to go by calling in our experts as soon as you can. It’s an easy step you won’t regret!