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Both the NFPA and the CSIA stress the importance of investing in annual chimney inspections, and the team here at The Chimney Doctor is ready to ensure everyone in our service area gets the care they deserve. We have the training, the tools, and the video equipment necessary to get a thorough and in-depth look at your entire system. When you hire our crew for the job, you can rest easier because we don’t miss a thing!Real Estate Chimney Inspections - Grand Junction CO - The Chimney Doctor

Now, if you’re buying or selling property, a level 2 chimney inspection is required, regardless of when your last inspection was. Investing in certified and experienced sweeps to get an accurate look at the system is vital for ensuring everyone involved in the buying/selling process is on the same page. Learn more about level 2 inspections below, then don’t hesitate to contact us. When it comes to quality care, we always provide the best!

All About Level 2 Inspections

If you’ve owned a fireplace for quite some time, then you may be aware that there are three levels of inspections. Level one inspections include an overview of all easily accessible parts of the chimney and fireplace. We’ll check for any damages and ensure that no repair work is necessary, so you can feel good about lighting fires in the seasons ahead. If you haven’t undergone any major changes or reconstruction and plan on using your system just as you have throughout previous years, a level one inspection should be all that’s necessary.

A level two inspection, on the other hand is more in-depth and requires the use of more equipment. It includes everything required in a level one inspection, plus an overview of your rooftop, attic, and crawlspace. This is also where the video equipment comes out! Every nook and cranny of your system will get reviewed, ensuring you know of any potential issues regarding the chimney and fireplace.

Keep in mind, as well, that a level two inspection won’t require the removal or demolition of any chimney parts. You don’t need to worry about us taking anything apart or possibly harming the structure of your chimney. By the end of it all, we’ll have a thorough analysis of the state of your unit, so you can rest easy throughout the rest of your move!

Call Now, Before Fall Comes Back Around

Chimney inspections aren’t something you want to put off, especially with our busy fall season coming up fast, so call today to book an appointment time that’s convenient for you. This is also beneficial in that we can take care of any necessary repair work well before your burning period begins and in weather that’s ideal for the materials we use. Give yourself one less thing to worry about and get that inspection on the books right away! We’re anxious to help you out soon.