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Creosote is a substance that is extremely harmful to your chimney and fireplace. As you burn fires, creosote forms and it can do a lot of damage when too much accumulates. It comes in three typical forms: ashy and flaky, tar-like and sticky, or glazed and hard. No matter which type you have, it’s important to get it removed!

So, how does creosote damage your system? Well, it’s extremely flammable, so the more you have of it, the higher your chances are for a chimney fire. Chimney fires can do a lot to break down your system, making it unsafe for regular use, so avoiding them is vital. Should one occur, you’ll be looking at a lot of timely and expensive repair work before you can put your system to use again!

Unfortunately, chimney fires aren’t always loud or obvious. Many assume that they would be and, while some make their presence while known, most occur unbeknownst to any of the people within their home. This makes them especially dangerous, as a homeowner could easily continue using their fireplace without realizing they’re facing some major threats by doing so!

If you’re concerned about the state of your chimney, learn more about what a chimney fire will look like after that fact by reading below. Then, call on us to check things out! The only way to truly know where your fireplace stands before the burning season begins is by calling in our CSIA-certified team for an inspection. We’ll have you up and ready to go in no time.

handful of creosoteSigns Of A Chimney Fire

If creosote has caused a fire to occur inside of your chimney, there will be some clear cut signs. One thing that will likely form is puffy creosote. Some refer to this a “honeycombed” creosote. The metal components, such as your damper, piping, and more will likely be warped, as well.

Discoloration is likely to occur, too, and there’s a strong possibility of cracks, holes, and other forms of deterioration occurring in and throughout the chimney. Look for signs of damage on your roofing materials, as well.

We’re Ready & Eager To Help!

If you are concerned that a chimney fire has occurred, it’s time to call in our expert team as soon as possible. Once a system has undergone this type of event, things will start breaking down fast, and it will be extremely dangerous to use your fireplace until everything is fixed up. You increase your risk of house fires, gas leaks, carbon monoxide exposure, and a whole lot more.

Stay safer this holiday season by depending on us! We’ll get your system repaired and ready to go, so you can enjoy your fireplace with peace of mind all winter long. There’s no team better to trust in Grand Junction than The Chimney Doctor. Call today!