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Are you ready for the cold weather that’s soon to be upon us? As winter winds approach, it’s important to ensure your heating system is geared up and ready to go, so your family stays as safe and warm as possible throughout this upcoming holiday season.

One thing to consider is the state of your furnace liner. If you don’t know where yours stands or if your system seems to be running inefficiently, don’t hesitate to give the team here at The Chimney Doctor a call right away!

fireplaceWhy Is Relining Important?

Just like your fireplace’s chimney, the chimney attached to your boiler or furnace needs to have a properly fitted liner in place to work well and give you the results you need. Ensuring your liner is made with the proper materials and fitted with the right equipment will keep your entire system in better shape all year long, and it will fight off the risk of the corrosion, as well.

You see, your furnace/boiler produces acidic vapors that eat away at your liner, which eventually leaves your brickwork and mortar vulnerable to this same deterioration. The more things break down, the less efficiently your appliance will run. You’ll also be at a higher risk of experiencing gas leaks and carbon monoxide exposure, which leads to severe illness and sometimes death.

You’ll also run into problems if the liner isn’t sized correctly. This circumstance leads to poor drafting, and you won’t get your money’s worth when heating your home. You’ll get poor results from the furnace, and you’ll still wind up paying more month-to-month, since your system’s working harder to get the job done.

All in all, you’ll have a safer and more comfortable heating experiencing if you have a well-fitted and well-constructed liner in place, and our sweeps are qualified to help you out. We’re certified with the CSIA and the NFI, so you can rest easier working with us, knowing your family is staying as protected as possible.

Liner Materials: Dos and Don’ts

Now, obviously your new liner will have to be made from a sturdy and reliable material. We trust in two options to ensure you get what you deserve from your furnace: American-made 316Ti austenitic stainless steel alloy and AL 29-4C ferritic stainless steel. Both of these are known for their ability to resist corrosion and have a reputation for standing the test of time, so you don’t have to concern yourself with liner issues again any time soon.

Aluminum is never an option, and even regular stainless steel won’t be strong enough to do the job. It’s vital that homeowners invest in the best products available, which is why we promote the ones that we do. Our team is highly educated, and you can trust us when we tell you that the materials we use are the ones to stick with!

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