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Fireplaces are well-known for the warmth and cozy aesthetic they create, and there’s no denying the visual appeal they add to a space, either. But just because one homeowner really enjoys the ambiances a new fireplace adds doesn’t mean a future buyer will. …right?

When adding a new appliance to your space, a big question you’re likely to ask is how it will impact your home’s value down the line. Will it make it easier or harder to sell your home? And will it cause the final asking price to drop significantly? Or will it actually end up putting more money in your pocket?

TRD electric fireplace from Amantii in home

Well, when it comes to fireplaces, we have good news… these systems do, in fact, add value to your home, and many people searching the market say they’d pay more for a home that already has one in place.

In fact, fireplace have such a positive effect on selling price that it can add around 12% to the sale of the home according to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers (NAREA).

If you’re looking to make this investment, you truly don’t have anything to lose – and there’s definitely a lot to gain!

The Many Benefits of Owning a Fireplace

So, what makes a fireplace so desirable for potential buyers? Here’s some of the many benefits to having a fireplace in the home.

  • Improved Atmosphere: There’s no denying a fireplace improves the atmosphere of any living space (especially once temperatures drop). Cozying up by warm flames with a good book, favorite movie, or fun board game can be idyllic, and there’s nothing quite so relaxing after a long day out and about.
  • Increased Warmth: If you’re looking for ways to bring more warmth into your living room, this is a surefire way to get it done. It also makes a big difference for those trying to implement zone heating into their winter routine.
  • Monthly Savings: By gathering in one area of the home and taking advantage of the heat your fireplace gives off, you can easily crank down the heat (while still staying totally comfortable) and save significant dollars on your monthly energy bills.
  • Higher Resale Value: We talked about this above, but it’s worth mentioning again! Oftentimes homeowners recover 100% of what they put into owning a fireplace when selling their home down the line. It’s one investment you really don’t have to stress about losing out on.
  • Convenience: One worry many face when considering adding a fireplace is whether they’ll actually have the time and energy to maintain a fireplace and chimney. If this is a concern for you, no worries! There are many models and fuel types that are known for being extremely easy to use and require little to no maintenance from the homeowner. Ask us about your options today!

Where Should I Put My Fireplace?

Are you sold on the idea of getting a fireplace, but aren’t sure where you could put it?

We’ll say that most turn to the living room or family room simply because it adds a beautiful focal point to a higher-traffic area of the home. These spaces also tend to be bigger and more open, making the addition of the fireplace a simpler process.

That said, we don’t want you overlooking other potential areas! Some find that a fireplace could be installed in their bedroom, dining room, hallway, or even bathroom. In today’s market, there’s a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles available, giving you a lot more options than ever before.

Which Fireplace Is Right for Me?

So, which fireplace would be most appropriate for your unique needs? Well, that depends on a lot of things!

It’s important to figure out how important heat output is, how much time you want to dedicate to operating the fireplace, what type of ambiance you want, and how much you’re looking to spend.

Wood-burning units, for instance, are known for offering a more traditional, classic aesthetic, but they also take more time to maintain. You’ll need to store wood, build up your fires, throw new logs on from time to time, and scoop ash. Now, some people love the process behind this making it a huge draw for them, but others would rather not take the time and energy.

Gas-fueled models, on the other hand, are extremely easy to operate. Just flip a switch or push a button, and you’ve got a cozy fire to enjoy! These are a great fit for those with a busier lifestyle who still want the benefits of a fireplace, only without the mess and work involved.

Electric fireplaces can be framed into the wall, add ambiance, and even heat a small room. The technology has come a long way and looks more realistic every year. 

You’ll also want to consider if you want a masonry fireplace built in brick by brick (which is on the more expensive end of things) or if you want a system that’s easier to install. Or if you already have a fireplace that never sees use, you might consider adding a gas insert, which is known for its efficiency and high levels of convenience!

Not sure which direction to go? We’d be happy to help. Our experts are educated, experienced, and really know their stuff. You can rest easy when you trust in us – we won’t steer you in the wrong direction!

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So, why wait? Fall weather is already settling in, and soon enough we’ll be enjoying cool temperatures, pumpkins, leaves, and all of those favorite fall-time activities. Make this the best season yet by adding a fireplace to your set-up as soon as you can – we’re ready for you to reach out!