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There are lots of parts that make up your chimney and one extremely important one is the chimney cap. Having a sturdy chimney cap installed is extremely important, and by trusting in a certified pro to get the job done right, you guarantee years of high-quality protection. Learn more below, and if you feel that your cap is missing or compromised, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts. We’ll ensure your system is working great from top to bottom!

Benefits Of A Chimney Cap

Now, there are lots of ways a chimney cap helps protect your chimney. For one thing, it covers your flue opening, so that no woodland critters or birds get into your system. It also keeps debris and nestingStainless Steel Chimney Cap materials out, so no clogs or blockages form.

Caps also help to block downdrafts from swooping through your chimney and sending smoke and bad smells into your living space. If you have any knowledge on airflow, then you know how important this is!

Worried about stray sparks and embers making their way up onto your roof? With a chimney cap in place, you can set these concerns aside because they are highly efficient when it comes to stopping sparks dead in their tracks. Your roofing materials, as well as any flammable substances (like leaves and twigs), will stay well away from any heat, ensuring your home stays better protected no matter what.

Yet, possibly the most important contribution chimney caps offer is their ability to protect your system from water. Without a cap in place, rain, sleet, and snow could all easily find their way into your fireplace, causing significant damage to your brickwork, mortar, metal components, and more.

How Damaging Is Water To My Masonry?

Why is preventing water damage such a priority for chimney owners? Well, water is actually one of the most damaging things your masonry can come into contact with. Your brickwork is very absorbent, so any water that it’s exposed to will be quickly soaked up like a sponge. This causes a large amount of interior damage that is time-consuming and costly to address.

Along with decay, cracking, and the formation of gaps and holes, we often see issues such as rot, rust, mold, and even clogging. In the end, it’s much more affordable (and far less stressful) to invest in preventative maintenance now, rather than big repairs down the line.

Other Ways To Prevent Damage (Waterproofing & Flashing)

Now, as we said, chimney caps are essential to good chimney functioning, but they can’t protect your entire system all on their own. That’s where flashing and waterproofing come in! Flashing consists of pieces of metal that protect that extra vulnerable area where your roof meets your chimney. Because these two things are made of different materials, they expand and contract at different rates, which often leaves big gaps where water can enter your home.

Then there’s waterproofing. By investing in this service, you ensure water simply rolls off of your brickwork, rather than getting soaked up inside of it. Here at The Chimney Doctor, we use a product called ChimneySaver, which not only stops water from entering your masonry, but also ensures any pre-absorbed moisture can effectively escape.

How long does waterproofing last? Well, ChimneySaver guarantees 10 years of protection, so you can rest easy for the long haul! And to top it off, it won’t affect the look and overall aesthetic of your chimney at all. You’ll be able to simply enjoy your fireplace stress-free for years to come – there’s no reason not to invest in it today!

Dangers Of Water-Related Damages

So, let’s say water-related damages have already occurred throughout your structure. Are they really something to be that concerned about? How vital is it that repairs are promptly completed?

If you have any cracks, holes, or deterioration throughout your brickwork, having them addressed right away is extremely important, and lighting any fires before a sweep can fix things up will put your home at serious risk. These openings create clear and easy pathways for smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide to enter your living space, and they could quickly put your loved ones in harm’s way.

If you ask us, it’s not worth the risk. If you have yet to get your annual inspection on the books, or if you’re experiencing any concerns regarding the structural integrity of your set-up, reach out to our team right away. We’ll do our best to get you ready to go well before the holiday season kicks off, ensuring you can enjoy it to the fullest.

We’re Ready For Your Call!

At The Chimney Doctor, we take training and educational opportunities seriously. We’re certified with HeatShield and the CSIA, and we are members of the NCSG and the NFPA, as well. These associations give up many opportunities to ensure we stay up-to-date and on top of all of the latest techniques and technologies in the industry. In a field that’s ever-evolving, this is vital!

Don’t wait any longer. With the weather cooling and winter winds just around the corner, now is the time to get your inspection on the books. We’re excited to help you out soon!