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Your dryer vents play a big role in keeping your dryer running as efficiently as possible, and many fail to realize that, like many other appliances, they need regular professional attention. If you are overdue for a cleaning, our highly educated and qualified sweeps can help you out. Reach out today to set up your appointment

Dangers of DIY Optionsdirty green dryer vent

Now, it is not uncommon for homeowners to wonder whether or not they could simply complete this task on their own. Some try to tackle it with the hose from their vacuum, some try to dig out the lint with long tools, and there are even kits that can be purchased.

The problem is that most approaches will actually lead to even more problems down the line, and many homeowners then feel a false sense of security when there is still dangerous buildup inside of their vents. Without proper training, it is likely that you missed some spots that still have debris in them, and this applies to vents that are shorter in length, as well as longer more complex vents.

To top it off, many experts state that, in a large portion of cases, the do-it-yourself kits do not do a completely effective job, and they may cause the homeowners to simply compact the lint into the vent, making matters even worse. If you truly want peace of mind as you use your dryer, then getting professional insight into the matter is always a good idea.

Signs You Need A Cleaning

Not sure whether or not a cleaning is in order? Well, typically the first thing homeowners notice is their dryer taking much longer than normal to dry a load of laundry. If you find yourself running the same load over and over again before it finally dries, then there is a good chance your vents are clogged up, prohibiting your dryer from effectively doing its job.

Another clear cut sign that a cleaning is in order is a lot of heat coming from the appliance. Now, obviously dryers are supposed to get warm, but if the unit is hot to the touch or if your clothes feel especially hot after coming out of the dryer, then it is very likely that the machine is overheating. Cleaning the vents will ensure the unit can properly exhaust, keeping your flammable lint from being exposed to dangerously high temperatures.

Noticing any strange odors in your laundry room? A warm or musty smell is another indication that a cleaning is needed.
Finally, if it has been over a year since your last cleaning, get one on the books. Annual maintenance is key when it comes to running your appliance as safely and as efficiently as possible.

Count On Us

The team here at The Chimney Doctor is qualified and ready to help you out with dryer vent cleanings, and we can handle any repair work you may need to be completed. Call today, and we can set something up!