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If you recently had a home inspection completed, you may be considering putting your chimney inspection on the back burner. After all, a home inspection is just that, right? An inspection of the entire home? Well, not exactly. There are some things home inspectors do not cover as thoroughly as a specialist would, and your chimney and fireplace are some of those areas.

Most of the time home inspections are done when buying or selling a property, so if this is the case, be sure to hire a separate CSIA Certified company to handle your chimney inspection. We are insured and certified by both the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fireplace Institute (NFI) and attend continuing education regularly to assure we can meet your needs. Here at The Chimney Doctor, we are qualified to handle your inspection needs.

What To ExpectHome inspection vs CSIA certified chimney inspection.

What will your chimney inspection entail? Well, when it comes to real estate transactions, a level two inspection is required. This means, along with checking all readily accessible parts of your chimney and ensuring the flue is structurally sound, the technicians will use a camera to get a more in-depth assessment of your system.

A level two inspection does not require the removal of any permanently attached parts, so don’t worry about the sweep bringing in any demolition equipment. That would be classified as a level three inspection, and it is only done in the more extreme cases when chimney problems cannot be pinpointed.

Once the inspection is complete, your sweep will inform you of any potential threats to your system and let you know the best ways of addressing them. Should repairs or a sweeping be necessary, you can count on our team to take care of you. We have the experience and know-how to tackle a wide range of chimney woes.


Let Our Certified Team Take Care Of You

So, why trust us? For one thing, we have the qualifications to back up the services we offer. We are CSIA and NFI Certified and we hold a HeatShield Factory-Training/Installer certification, among others. Along with this, we are members of both the National Chimney Sweep Guild and the National Fire Protection Association. We are dedicated to staying educated and on top of any new advancements in the field.

If you are in need of a chimney inspection, do not put it off any longer. Let our team help you out, so you can move forward with peace of mind and satisfaction. When you trust in us, you can rest assured that you will get an accurate assessment of your fireplace and that we can take the appropriate steps to resolve any problems we come across.

The care you deserve is a simple phone call away, so schedule an appointment with our crew right away. We look forward to helping you out soon!