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It may seem like fall is a long ways away, but cooler weather and holiday planning will be here before we know it. Because of this, we urge homeowners all throughout Grand Junction and its surrounding areas to get on the phone with our team well before the leaves begin to fall! Many of our customers are good to go after a simple inspection and/or sweeping, but a good majority need repair work right along with these services. If you fall into the latter category, the time to call is now!It's Repair Season Image - Grand Junction CO - The Chimney Doctor

Why Is Now Ideal?

There a few big reasons why we recommend summertime repair work. The first has to do with timing. It may seem logical to wait until fall to invest in your repair or reconstruction work, but this could put you in a pickle when it comes to kicking off your burning season. We get really busy once temperatures drop and homeowners get anxious to light fires. That means fitting in more extensive repair work could be a challenge, and you could be left waiting much longer than expected to light your first fire!

Another major factor in repair work is ensuring the materials used have time to properly set and cure. Unfortunately, this can only be done in warmer weather, so if you wait until the colder seasons, you might be out of luck! In these cases, we’ll most likely recommend waiting until the following spring or summer to get your repairs done, but this could leave you without a proper functioning fireplace throughout the holidays.

Finally, it’s important to remember that summer weather can take its toll on a damaged or unprotected chimney. Heavy rains, harsh winds, and more can lead to some pretty big issues, making your fireplace unsafe for regular use. Ensure everything works as efficiently as possible, no matter the time of year, by investing in our services right away. Too much water can do serious damage in a hurry, so don’t let your system stay vulnerable to leaks! Pick up the phone now.

What Are Some Common Repairs?

When it comes to repair work this time of year, there are a few things that we tend to see a lot more of. Crown repair, for example, is a big one! In cases of a leaky chimney this, along with flashing, are two of biggest culprits. Incorrectly built or installed chimney parts are all too common, and sometimes repair and replacement work is simply inevitable. Other times, things like bad weather, animal tampering, water damage, and more simply put too much wear and tear on the parts, inhibiting them from effectively doing their job.

In any case, we can help! We’ll fix up whatever is broken down, then apply our tuckpointing and waterproofing services to ensure your brickwork stays in tip top shape for years to come. No matter the issues, we’re more than certain that our CSIA certified staff can handle the job. Let us help you out now, before it’s too late. Our crew is standing by!