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It’s a proven fact that house fires increase around the holiday season. Between lights, candles, decor, and fireplace use, it’s easy to see why. We understand wanting to set a fun and festive mood for Christmas and New Years, but it’s important to keep some safety tips in mind. There are lots of easy steps to take to keep your home and loved ones safe this holiday and our team at The Chimney Doctor is here to help!

Burn Wiser

stone fireplaceBurning only well-seasoned wood in your fireplace makes a huge difference when it comes to keeping your system healthier. Burning unseasoned wood, garbage, wrapping paper, old boxes, paper plates, and similar items cause creosote to accumulate at a more rapid pace. This also increase your chances of experiencing a chimney fire.

Seasoned wood has been dried out for at least six months, ensuring most of the water is evaporated. This results in less acidic water despite into your chimney, less creosote accumulation, and a better fireplace experience. Less debris and lower level of creosote also mean less chance of experiencing chimney clogs. If your chimney becomes blocked, you could end up with a lot of smoke in your living space. Clogs also lead to harmful fumes, like carbon monoxide, entering your home to affect the health of loved ones.

Did You Get A Real Tree?

Putting a real tree in your home is a fun and festive tradition, but many opt to place them next to their fireplace. This creates a big fire hazard. You need to snowy house make sure to put your tree a safe distance away from flames or potential sparks. You should also water it regularly to minimize the risk of fire even further. However, if you have a fake tree. You should also be careful to check the packaging and ensure it is fire resistant.

Other Things To Consider

We’ve covered the top chimney and fireplace related safety tips in our blog today. For other household safety tips, Bankrate offers a comprehensive guide on protecting your home from the most common fire hazards and risks during the holiday season. You can check that out here!

Schedule An Inspection Today

Have you had your yearly chimney maintenance yet? Annual fireplace inspections are vital for safety and efficiency of your system year after year. Call our sweeps now, so we can check for any dangerous damages or build-up. If you need repairs or maintenance, we can take care of that, too! Count on The Chimney Doctor team for all of your fireplace, chimney, and venting needs!