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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed a program called Burn Wise to ensure fireplace owners all throughout the United States stay safer and more comfortable, no matter what. By urging families to “learn before your burn,” the EPA aims to ensure people use the proper wood when burning, and that they light and maintain their fires in a way that prevents the least amount of creosote accumulation.

The Chimney Doctor team is proud to promote the Burn Wise Program and work with the EPA on a regular basis in hopes that our customers stay better protected all year long. Contact us today to ensure your chimney is in the best shape possible, and feel free to contact us with any questions. Our biggest passion is serving you to the fullest!Partners With EPA Burn Wise Program Image - Grand Junction CO - The Chimney Doctor

More About The EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency is driven to keep people and the environment safer in any way possible. This means promoting cleaner air, less contaminants, and ensuring people are well-educated on the potential issues facing our environment. If certain practices, done by both individuals and businesses, are reduced or eliminated, we’ll be looking at a much cleaner and better-functioning earth!

By doing things like publishing educational materials, sponsoring other businesses and non-profits, offering grants, studying environmental issues in laboratories, and enforcing regulations throughout the country, the EPA accomplishes a lot in better serving the US, and this in turn has an effect on the overall well being of the entire world.

We’re proud to work with the EPA to ensure our customers stay safer, healthier, and more knowledgeable, and we’re excited about offering you tips and resources that will better serve you this next burning season and for many more seasons to come.

Better Firewood, Less Creosote, Energy Efficiency, and More

By getting involved with this program, you’ll notice countless benefits as you use your chimney and fireplace. For one, investing in an EPA-certified appliance will guarantee you better use of your energy, lowering monthly bills and increasing heat output into your living space. It also helps your system burn cleaner, resulting in less creosote buildup and a healthier home.

This program also urges homeowners to invest in better firewood and to study up on proper fire-building techniques. Properly seasoned wood is wood that has been dried out for 6 months (or more, depending on the type), ensuring you are burning up as little moisture as possible. This helps to reduce the amount of creosote that builds up overtime, and it keeps your living space less smoky, too.

Homeowners should also note that burning anything other than properly seasoned firewood is never recommended. Garbage, paper plates, rotted or diseased wood, and similar items will cause more issues than their worth, making your home less safe and your fires less pleasant.

If you’re ready to learn more about fire safety tips, or if you have any questions regarding your fireplace or chimney, please don’t hesitate to contact our CSIA certified team today. When you work with us, you always come first!