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Are you looking for a chimney company to trust with your yearly maintenance, or do an in depth review of heating appliance and chimneys in a home you recently purchased, or plan to purchase? With fall almost upon us, there’s no time to lose! As you prepare your chimney and heating appliances for colder weather here are some important questions you should always be asking when shopping around for bids and estimates. And, if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to turn to the team here at The Chimney Doctor to help you out! We’re more than happy to serve and promise to give you only the facts about your chimney systems.Questions To Ask Your Chimney Sweep Image - Grand Junction CO - The Chimney Doctor

Is The Company CSIA Certified?

CSIA certification says a lot about a chimney company. The CSIA is a nationally recognized non-profit organization, dedicated to providing sweeps with the tools and knowledge they need to keep homes as safe as possible. It has been a leader in the industry for 35 years now, and they continue to provide companies in multiple states with the credentials and expertise they’re looking for to get the job done right.
To earn the CSIA certification, a sweep must study long hours and pass an extensive exam. We always pair up a new Technician with an experienced Certified Tech when performing jobs to ensure that a qualified and experienced tech is always working on your chimney. There are also opportunities for hands-on training and the organization offers various workshops, too. Sweeps that take the time to earn this certification are better equipped to handle your chimney needs, and you won’t have to doubt whether or not they know their stuff.
Our team is CSIA certified, and we hold many other certifications and memberships with other reputable organizations, as well. It’s clear that we never settle for less!

Has a Complete Level II Inspection Already Been Performed?

Prior to accepting any repair estimates or recommendations be sure that a Level II Inspection has already been performed. If only a Level I Inspection or cursory glance at your system resulted in a repair estimate it may be incomplete and leave you and your family still at risk of a structure fire if a chimney fails to serve its intended function. Often defects in chimney construction or hidden damage in concealed areas like attics and crawl spaces lead to a structure fire. If a thorough inspection was not completed, or concealed areas not inspected, then how can you be sure the recommended repairs address the real safety issues associated with your chimney system, if any? Please don’t leave your home or the lives of your family to chance. Call our CSIA Certified staff today and get the peace of mind you deserve.

What Does The Bid Include?

Not all bids include the specifics on everything a company offers. For example, two businesses may have very different prices on their cost to reline a chimney. In a furnace reline for example, one company may include a properly insulated stainless steel liner, while the other an aluminum liner. Quotes can vary greatly in cost and quality based on options quoted. Be sure you know exactly what’s included in the repair or service package you’re requesting to ensure you get the quality of product and longevity of service you’re looking for, and not a short term repair that may cause more work further down the road to save a few dollars today. And as always, a good estimate is based on a good inspection. Be sure you do your due diligence on who you hire and what is included, or excluded.

Are They Properly Equipped?

Certain services require the use of specific equipment in order to get the job done right. Do they use the latest in tools and technology or is their equipment dated or antiquated? One big thing to ask about is whether or not the company uses video cameras when performing their level two inspections,and whether they are used regularly or irregularly. This is vital for getting a thorough and in-depth look at every part of the chimney and, if you are buying or selling a home, you’ll especially want to double check on this service. It could make all the difference when examining how safe and structurally sound your setup is! We inspect every wood burning flue with every cleaning or inspection, as there are areas of your chimney you just can’t see in any other way. The right equipment can mean the difference between an estimated repair quote or an accurate quote that addresses all the known and inspectable deficiencies in a give system to allow the right options to use your heating appliance with confidence for many years to come.

Are They Addressing All The Issues?

An important consideration is whether or not estimated repairs or quotes address all the noted deficiencies or if only partial or incomplete repairs were offered. A partial repair may leave your family at just as much risk of a disaster, or in some situations an even greater risk if it results in increased use of the appliance without addressing deficiencies in concealed but accessible areas like attics, crawl spaces, and thorough video inspections. Make sure before you choose a chimney contractor or service company to perform any work you understand why certain things are not quoted or addressed, and why other things must be done.

Do They Have A Good Reputation?

What do others in your community have to say about the company you’re thinking of hiring? Ask around, and get opinions from friends and neighbors. You can also take advantage of the countless online resources we’re offered in today’s modern age. Social media sites, Google, and countless other websites allow previous customers to review a business, giving you a good idea of what you can expect before making any commitments.

We love serving the Grand Junction, CO area, the Western Slope, and the Moab, UT region. We’re proud to say that we’ve received many positive testimonials and 5-star reviews. If you’re ready for high-quality services that you can rely on time and time again, then we’re the team to trust!