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Are you ready to enjoy some warm spring days and summertime sunshine? We can’t say we blame you. Many homeowners find themselves using their fireplace much less frequently as the days get longer and the evenings get warmer, but that does not mean some end-of-the-season maintenance is not required. And if no maintenance or repair work is necessary we are happy to give you a clean bill of health and let you rest assured.

Schedule An Inspectionmasonry chimney with black flashing and black chimney cap

Many people figure a chimney inspection can wait until fall just before lighting up their first fire. After all, you won’t be lighting a fire again any time soon, right? Unfortunately, putting off your inspection until fall can cause a lot more hassle down the line.

An inspection will reveal whether or not any repair work is needed now and allow plenty of time for planning and repair. If you wait until fall and any issues are discovered this could postpone the safe use of your appliance, or in the event of any needed masonry work even require pushing off needed work until spring when temperatures warm back up. Additionally, in the fall repairs take longer to schedule as it is the busiest and most demanding time of year for chimney professionals.

During the spring and summer months certified repair technicians can address any issues in a timely manner, well before you will be lighting any fires in the fall. Work can also be scheduled at your convenience while your appliance is not in use and there is no rush on any needed repairs. This assures that nothing is rushed and that repairs are completed properly and address all the issues.

Regarding masonry repairs, and some of our specialty repair and coating products, spring and summertime repairs are typically ideal because materials can cure properly at the right temperature to maximize the longevity of any completed repairs. Not to mention, technicians will appreciate not having to work on an ice-covered roof, which can actually save you money as there is less chance of injury or death and repairs can generally be completed a little quicker!

Do You Need A Sweeping?stove pipe on roof

If a sweeping is in order, then the sooner it gets done, the better. Throughout the winter, it is likely that a lot of creosote built up inside of your flue, and you really do not want that sitting in your chimney all summer long. When mixed with water, soot and creosote form a caustic solution that can eat away at both metal and masonry components. It is not good for your liner and if the conditions are right can seep into your home causing your living space to smell like creosote.

Additionally, should you decide to light a fire on a cooler day or a rainy evening, you will face a higher risk of lighting off a chimney fire if excess creosote is still present within your system. An inspection will reveal whether or not you need a sweeping done, in which case our sweeps can generally take care of that while on-site.

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