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At The Chimney Doctor, we’re certified with the CSIA and members of the NCSG, and we guarantee that both of these organizations will say the same thing: Annual chimney inspections are a necessity! Our team offers level 1, 2, and 3 chimney inspections, and we are fully equipped with high-tech video equipment, which ensures every inch of your chimney can be examined and evaluated.

If you’re looking for a team that will offer you peace and reassurance as you enter your burning season, then we’re it. Give us a call today to schedule you inspection.

Reducing The Risk Of Harm

A chimney that hasn’t been properly assessed before being put to use is a dangerous thing. There are a wide number of issues that could be present, all of which make your home more vulnerable to damage and your family more prone to injury or illness. Our team can look your system through and through and note whether or not there are repairs that need addressing or creosote that should be removed.

Now, investing in a more thorough video inspection is highly recommended by our sweeps, as this practice ensures everything in your system is covered. Creosote, for example, is highly flammable, so we wouldn’t want any little bit to get left behind. This could increase your chance for a chimney fires, which would then make your home more prone to gas leaks and house fires.

Cracks and crumbling also encourage the occurrence of these dangerous situations, and the longer they go without repair, the worse off you’ll be. Water damage, clogs, build-up, and broken down parts all contribute to inefficiency and put your family at risk. Is it worth taking the chance? We don’t think so. Give us a call today.

We Promote Honesty & Accountability

At The Chimney Doctor, we pride ourselves on maintaining a professional and honest attitude in every service we offer. As a homeowner, it can be frustrating hearing a sweep’s evaluation, while remaining uncertain as to whether or not there are legitimate issues that need to be addressed and paid for. We get it! While we maintain that we’ll be honest and open in every assessment, we understand that many want to see the problems for themselves, and we feel that you as a homeowner deserve that.

That’s another reason why video inspections are recommended. You’ll see for yourself what your chimney’s interior needs, so that you can feel confident moving forward with any necessary repairs and sweepings. When you work with us, it’s all about your satisfaction!

Don’t let another day pass without getting your inspection on the books. Fall is a busy time of year for us sweeps, but we’ll be sure to get you in as soon as we can, so you can enjoy the upcoming holiday season to the fullest. We’re excited to speak with you soon!